Maximize ROI with Efficient Tool and Expert Guidance

XENA offers a synergy of powerful tool and expert eCommerce guidance for brands seeking a technological edge and personalized support.

Seller-Focused Features to Help You Sell More

We made an all-in-one platform with actionable insights, an AI-powered dashboard, and ad management tools to help you sell smarter and faster.

Realtime Dashboard 

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Data is complex. XENA Dashboard makes it easy for you. Using our easy-to-use dashboard, you can make sense of data and run your eCommerce ad campaigns like a pro, in just a click.

Ad Automation

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XENA's ad automation gives you both convenience and control. It saves you time by automating tasks, and helps you save money by giving you control over your advertising campaigns.

Actionable, Data-Driven Insights For eCommerce Sellers

XENA Insights

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XENA helps you keep an eye on your competition and  spot opportunities for growth by quickly looking through millions of data points in real time. Make 10x smarter decisions!

Get Personalized Assistance from eCommerce Experts

We offer more than just software. Our team of eCommerce experts provides personalized solutions tailored carefully for your brand.

Product Listing Solutions

Advertising Solutions

End to End Account Solutions

Inventory Management & Optimization

Market Intelligence

More solutions

Why XENA Is The Best Option For Ecommerce Brands

You'll find every useful feature you need to grow your brand, and more.

Actionable insights
AI powered Dashboard
Ad campaign builder/manager
AI powered inventory forecaster
Image optimization
Listing optimization
Product launch service
Dedicated seller coach & account team
Multi channel sales support
Weekly reports
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“ I highly recommend XENA, as they have helped me achieve amazing growth and ROI on Amazon “

- Eric & JD Mitchel
Founders, MODICA

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