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Xena is an AI-powered ecommerce growth platform that uses data intelligence to both automate & optimize ecommerce growth on Amazon & Walmart.




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XENA isSimple

Dashboard with simple interface and easy-to-use navigation system.

XENA isIntelligent

Unique technology with predictive analytics to optimize ad campaigns.

XENA isPowerful

Tool automating your e-commerce growth while reducing ad spending.

Driven by AI,
Feature packed.

Automated Ad optimization

No more manual configuration. Create and manage PPC campaigns with our automated algorithmic bidding and keyword optimization.

Market intelligence

The proprietary algorithm collects and analyzes tons of data from various sources in real-time to know how your brand stands against competitors and where the growth opportunities are.

Sales Forecasting

XENA's advanced AI predicts the sales up to 7 days from now, enabling you to prepare for the PPC and inventory management.

24×7 Customer support

Do not spend a second in doubt. XENA support team and XiXi is there for you always.

Multi-Channel Ecommerce management

Manage your PPC efforts across various marketplaces in one platform. Know how your product is performing in different markets in one place.

Exponential growth
with the power of AI!

The proprietary algorithmic engine optimizes your pay-per-click ad campaigns by collecting and analyzing tons of data on a real-time basis and automates your eCommerce growth through continuous decision-making, saving you a considerable amount of time and money.

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"XENA 2.0 is the best Amazon AI tool currently available for generating explosive sales for your products. The unmatched AI engine in XENA can be used by simply configuring your account with the settings you desire and letting it run its course."

Katie Diasti & Kelly Donohue


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"With the aid of XENA, we were able to grow our company in just a few years from nothing to a profitable million dollar Amazon business."



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"I opened an Amazon store with the aid of XENA, and I was able to turn a profit. Keeping up with all the new releases can be challenging and overwhelming with the website's abundance of products. The XENA AI team is always up to date on the newest products, and they can find amazing products that I might not have known existed."



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"We had no knowledge of Amazon or its advertisements. Being able to trust Xena and them with everything as they run the show and give us amazing growth on Amazon—not just in terms of sales but also ROI—really relieves a lot of my stress."



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