The Seller's Guide to BFCM Dominance: Boosting Profits on Amazon and Beyond

Nov 17, 2023

black friday cyber monday tips for sellers
black friday cyber monday tips for sellers
black friday cyber monday tips for sellers
black friday cyber monday tips for sellers


As the retail world gears up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), Amazon sellers must strategize to capitalize on one of the year's biggest shopping frenzies. BFCM isn’t just a chance to skyrocket sales—it’s a prime opportunity to expand your brand’s reach and solidify your presence in the global marketplace.

Building Pre-Event Momentum:

The build-up to BFCM is crucial. It’s the perfect time to create buzz and get shoppers excited about your brand. Consider this period as the pre-game show – it's your chance to warm up the crowd.

Creating Stand-Out Ads:

Your ads need to pop! Implement Amazon’s static and video creative best practices to make an impression. Ensure your brand logo is clear, use high-quality imagery, and craft concise, punchy copy. Remember, your creatives are your frontline – they should speak your brand’s language fluently.

Pre-BFCM Checklist:

  • Is your brand logo visible and recognizable?

  • Do your ads reflect what’s hot in your inventory?

  • Have you optimized your product detail pages (PDPs) for maximum engagement?

Engaging with Deals:

Shoppers are on the hunt for deals long before the actual event. Highlight your top sellers and special offers in your ad creatives and Amazon Store. Use deals to lure shoppers in, then dazzle them with your full range of products.

Optimizing Product Detail Pages:

Your PDPs are like your product’s resume. They should be detailed, clear, and compelling. Ensure you have a robust title, a minimum of four zoomable images, and at least three bullet points detailing key product features. And stock levels? They need to be as ready for BFCM as you are!

Navigating Ad Policies:

Ad policies are the rules of the game. Get familiar with them to avoid any penalties or rejections during BFCM. Ensure your use of BFCM messaging is honest and accurate. Misleading customers about deal durations is a no-go.

During BFCM:

Now’s the time to shine. Feature your top-selling products and deals through Responsive e-commerce Creative (REC) and optimize your Amazon Store to showcase these deals prominently.

Optimizing for Click-Through:

Make sure your product images are clear and your ad copy is easy to read. Your goal is to make the shopper’s path from ad to purchase as smooth as possible.

Highlighting Top Deals:

Push your best deals to the front lines. Use REC to highlight products that are flying off the shelves, and make sure any out-of-stock items are pulled from your ads automatically.

Store Optimization:

Your Store should be a reflection of your brand at its best. Use the Featured Deals widget to showcase your promotions, and ensure your Store layout is clean and navigable.

Post-BFCM Strategy:

The sales spike doesn’t have to end with Cyber Monday. Keep the momentum going by remarketing to shoppers who browsed but didn’t buy. Promote complementary products to both new and existing customers.

Reviewing Performance:

Take a step back and analyze your BFCM performance. Identify what worked and what didn’t. This will be invaluable intel for your next big sales event.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are more than just two dates on the calendar—they’re gateways to growth for savvy Amazon sellers. With careful preparation, sharp ad strategies, and a customer-focused approach, you can turn this global shopping event into a brand-building triumph.

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