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Amazon Basics

3 Best Methods to Increase your Sales on Amazon

Boosting Amazon Sales: A Guide to Mastering SEO, Reviews, and AI-Powered Selling

Have you been losing sleep thinking about why your sales on Amazon are not increasing, despite the herculean effort you have put to build a state-of-the-art product? Here’s the catch- mastering the art of selling is a skill in itself and without it, even a great product might end up on the 18th page of Amazon’s search results.

Now let’s look at the bright side because that’s what great entrepreneurs always do! This also means your awesome product coupled with even better sales techniques could take your Amazon business to cloud nine, hence making your product unstoppable! Sounds just perfect, doesn’t it?

Solutions to build your business in Amazon organically are all over the internet, and going through them might get you a bit confused, especially if you are just starting. We presume what you are looking for is a set of step-by-step instructions that are easy to implement. We’ve got you covered :)

Understanding the basics of presentation

The more you understand how Amazon’s algorithm ‘Amazon A9’ works, the better you will be able to list your products, and once your products are well-listed, it’ll be easier for your potential customers to discover your product. You must describe your product based on how the Amazon SEO algorithm works, and use your product listings to draw customers.

When it comes to writing SEO-optimized content, keep in mind that ‘more is not always better’. Keep things short, easy to understand, and SEO optimized. Make sure the keywords in your listings are relevant. Ensure to accurately specify the product’s name, specifications, material, color, and size. It is the quality of the product photos you showcase that decides if a potential customer would buy from you or not.

Make sure that your product photos maintain stellar quality. Professional photography attracts viewers and inspires them to buy a product. Utilize your image to draw attention to the strengths of your product. Aim to showcase the product from various angles in at least 2–3 high-quality photographs. Give your customers no room to imagine what the product might look like. Show them everything about the product that’s relevant.

Getting Customer Reviews to Increase Credibility

This is that one step that sounds very easy to achieve but is insanely hard when it comes to practice. From a consumer psychology standpoint, we should understand that people do care about approval and it is common that customers prefer to buy products with a higher user rating and more good reviews.

Good reviews take your credibility to the moon and give you an edge over your competitors. The problem is- only a few of buyers write reviews. You could use review platforms like the Amazon Vine program or the Early Reviewer program to incentivize the process, thus drawing in more user reviews.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Boost Sales

Let’s consider an analogy from history to understand the magnitude by which Artificial Intelligence would help sellers improve their sales. The power expended in a 20th-century steamship in a single voyage across the Atlantic was more than enough to build the great Egyptian pyramid (Elting, 1966).

In the age of AI, sticking to the traditional methods of selling products looks as sluggish as the process of building a pyramid with solely human labor as leverage. With great progress in AI taking place out there, and cutting-edge algorithms being written, the sellers are advised to make use of such technologies. As a prominent Silicon Valley investor said, “An army of robots is freely available — it’s just packed in data centers for heat and space efficiency. Use it.”

As a result of interpreting colossal amounts of data, that too continuously and almost instantaneously, a good AI tool can formulate the most efficient strategies for sellers, thus enabling them to stay on the top. When it comes to interpreting data and making decisions to dominate your competitors, AI solutions outperform human intellectual abilities by a gargantuan margin.

Now imagine a situation where you decide to leverage these superpowers of AI to increase your business with a state-of-the-art, AI-powered platform like Xena Intelligence, and your competitors decide to stick with the traditional methods. In such a case, your competitors wouldn’t have a chance of outperforming you, given that you are backed by a proprietary algorithm that uses predictive analytics to optimize keyword and competitor bidding throughout the day. As a cherry on top, it helps you save considerable time and money.